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Electronic Calculator | Palm Run | Share Find

Electronic Calculator 2 - far more than your average resistor calculator
The latest version of the must have application for the electronic enthusiast, whether a novice of experienced veteran.

This vastly improved version now boasts full installation and un-installation support, as well as comprehensive context sensitive help.

This calculator is far more then just another resistor calculator, like the hundreds already out there.  Electronic Calculator provides many calculations, such as (just a brief list):

  • calculate resistor/capacitor colours and values
  • unit conversions for resistors and capacitors
  • series & parallel calculations for resistors and capacitors
  • ohms law
  • in-line dropper calculations using resistors and/or capacitors
  • frequencies, reactance, coils, resonance etc.
  • schematic symbols
  • data file creation (e.g. for resistor info or any textual information)

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Electronic Calculator was originally written to aid valve radio repair enthusiasts.  Buy Valve Radio and Audio Repair by Charles Miller, for an excellent resource into valve radio repair for all levels, with invaluable service information.

Palm Run 1.0 - FREE
Created to integrate with Palm Desktop (for those with Palm Pilot devices), this application allows you to set a time in a standard memo pad record, when an external application should be executed on your PC.

Simply create a record in Memopad, along with a date and time.  On the PC, specify in Palm Run the Palm Desktop file to monitor, the frequency that it should be checked, and then the external file to run.

At the predetermined time, the external file will run.  This can be anything from a Windows application, batch file, or something like an AutoIT script.

Ideal to schedule something to happen on your PC when you are away, by doing a modem Hotsync.

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ShareFind 1.2 - FREE
Share Find has been created to work with share information downloaded from Teletext from TV PC cards.  i.e. use the TV card software to download the share prices from Teletext (e.g. Channel 4 pages 533-537), then Share Find to interrogate those files to extract share price information.  This can then be pasted into such applications as Excel.

Use share set files to create lists of company names you are interested in, and then retrieve these share sets at any time.  Interrogate single Teletext data files, or many at a time.

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So, you want to make money on the shares then?  Share Find will let you analyse the Teletext results, but you really need some extra help.  The Motley Fool UK Investment Guide is a must for anyone wanting to invest (particularly in shares, and on the internet).

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