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An ideal application for those that use a TV card in their PC to gather share price information.  Use Share Find to interrogate those files to find the actual information you are looking for.  For instance, Channel 4 pages 533-537 contain share prices for over 3000 companies.  That can provide very difficult to find what you are looking for.

With Share Find, simply put in the Teletex name of the company (which you only need to find out once), and it will give you the share price from the Teletext data file or files you select.  The results can then be put into Excel for further investigation.

The companies you list can be saved in files called share sets.  Any number of share sets can be created and used.  For instance, you may have a share set for your portfolio, one for the shares you are keeping an eye on, or one for a friend.

Share prices on Teletext look something like this:

 BritGlbIT 100      BrunnerIT 484  +5 
 BritSmlrC 73       Bryant Gp 146 +4 
 BrixtnEst 241      BS Group  160      
 BroadcslW 23       BSkyB     1121 +10 
 Broadcstl 48       BSoftB    85       
 BroadgteW 23       BSS Grp.  365  +2 
 BroadgtIT 97       BT        572  -5  
 Brockhptn 320  +25  BTG       1450 +37
 BrockhtnA 105 -1   Buckland  4       
 BrookeInd 32       BucklndWt 2        

This contains the company name, share price and the amount it's changed since the previous day.  You'll notice that the amounts are shown in fractions, not decimals - a nightmare for a spreadsheet.  Share Find will strip out the useful information and provide you with formatted data for pasting directly into your spreadsheet.

PC Requirements: Share Find will run on almost any PC
Processor any Intel/AMD (or equivalent) from 486 onwards
OS Windows 9x, ME, NT 4 or 2000 (pro or server)
Hard disk space approximately 2MB
Memory any amount that supports the current OS (very little required)
Screen Resolution Ideally at least 1024x768, although 800x600 will just about work

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