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Palm Run is ideal for making something run on your PC whilst you are away, by specifying it on your Palm Pilot.
Ideal for such tasks as checking your email when on the road.  For instance, you can synchronise your Palm Pilot with your PC whilst on the road via a dial up connection.  If you've configured HotSynch to also synchronise your email, it will only do so with the email currently on your PC (not much use if you've created new email on your Palm Pilot, or want to check for new mail).  Even if you've set your email client to check for new messages at this time, it will not be able to because you are holding up the phone line with your dial in connection.

So, you could set up an AutoIT script (or similar) that synchronises your email.  You then tell Palm Run what application to launch at the detected time.  Create an entry in your memo pad, with a date and time.  At the next HotSynch, your standard memo pad will automatically be synchronised.  Palm Run (on the PC) will then look for the pre-determined text within the memo pad, and then use the date and time within the record to launch the external application.  You can also specify how often Palm Run should check the memo pad file.

For instance, you could create a record in memopad like this:

EMail Send: 20/02/2001 @ 11:50

This would cause the defined application to run at 11:50 on the 20th Feb 2001.

PC Requirements: Palm Run will run on almost any PC (with Palm Dekstop of course!)
Processor any Intel/AMD (or equivalent) from 486 onwards
OS Windows 9x, ME, NT 4 or 2000 (pro or server)
Hard disk space approximately 2MB
Memory any amount that supports the current OS (very little required)
Screen Resolution At least 800x600

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