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B.E.C. Shop - FREE

B.E.C. Shop is a simple to use Java based shopping cart suite.  It is made up of a number of Java modules (Applets) which you use in your web page to build a shopping cart system for your site.

This version has undergone a number of enhancements and fixes, still with numerous customisation options.  Simply provide the necessary Applets with optional and mandatory parameters to build the shopping cart for your site.

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B.E.C. Scroller - FREE

A simple to use, customisable web page text scroller for placing notices on your web site.  It even supports hyperlinking the scrolling text!

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B.E.C. Image Swap - FREE

An applet to swap between images with each visit to your web page, even when using the Back browser button.  BEC Swap Image will also scale the images to fit you sized applet window if you so desire. 

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B.E.C. Hit Counter - FREE

A web page hit counter that can maintain separate hits for as many of your pages as you want.  Also allows you to customise the appearance of the counter.

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B.E.C. Form Mailer - FREE

An email relay agent for submitting standard HTML forms to.  This is a Java Servlet which can be be used to POST HTML forms to and send the results to you as an email (this means that your web server does not need to support forms to email, or Front Page for example).

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B.E.C. Snow - FREE

Liven up your site with this simple snow program, to join in with the festivities at Christmas.

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