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Electronic Calculator 1.5
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Originally designed for the valve radio enthusiast, Electronic Calculator has gone through a number of revision updates.

It incorporates many standard electronic equations, such as ohms law (including watts), resistors and capacitors wires in series and/or parallel and LED 'dropper' resistors.  Unit comparisons (e.g. ohm to K ohm, pF to uF etc.) are also possible.

A resistor colour band calculator will work out the value of 3, 4 and even 5 band resistors.  But, this goes a step further.  If you are looking for a particular resistor in that box of spares you keep, but don't know the colour bands, just put in the value, and Electronic Calculator will tell you (to the nearest real value).
Capacitor values can be calculated for those with colour identifiers (like those for resistors) or be value (e.g. 104K).

Create datasheets for your electronic projects.  This can either be in the way of free text, using the Memo Notes facility, or you can have each resistor value put into a data file (when you use the resistor calculator facility).  Different tag headings can be input against the value in the data file for easy identification (e.g. PSU, Amp etc).

For those that work with radio, convert between kilocycles, megacycles and meters.

A variety of schematic symbols are included as a reference point - particularly useful (for those that still work with them) are the valve types and their associated schematics (e.g. triodes).

An image viewer is also built in to Electronic Calculator so that any bitmap type image that you may need to hand (such as a schematic) is available in on screen, without needing a separate image application open. 

PC Requirements: Electronic Calculator will run on almost any PC
Processor any Intel/AMD (or equivalent) from 486 onwards
OS Windows 9x, ME, NT 4 or 2000 (pro or server)
Hard disk space approximately 3MB
Memory any amount that supports the current OS (very little required)
Screen Resolution Ideally at least 1024x768, although 800x600 will just about work

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