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Version history
B.E.C. Image Swap is a simple applet for swapping images each time you re-visit a page.  You specify a list of images for Image Swap to keep track of, and it will display the first of these when a user visits your page.  The next time they visit the page within the browser session (either by clicking on a link back to the page, or even using the browser's Back button), the next image in the list will be displayed.

Each of the images you specify will display in turn, and then flip back to the original if all have been shown.  This will keep on going for the duration of the browser session.

Note that this works even using the back/forward browser buttons are used, because the applet controls the image display, not the browser's caching.

B.E.C. Image Swap will even scale the images if you want.   In this way, all images will be scaled to fit what ever applet size you specify.   This is particularly useful if you have a number of differently sized images.   It is also useful if you want to restrict the image size, but do not want your images to be cropped.

Finally, you can specify the background colour for the applet, so that it fits in with the rest of your site (note that this is really only effective is you are not resizing the images to fit the applet size, because with scaling switched on, the images occupy the entire applet area).

Features within B.E.C. Image Swap are:

  • any number of source images can be swapped between (simply specify the image URL)
  • scale the source images to fit exactly within the applet display area (if this is what you want)
  • customise the background colour

Standard Applet parameters are used to customise the appearance and behaviour of the applet.  An example is shown below, along with the HTML code that is used to generate that example.

Refer to your standard HTML literature of web sites for more information on applets.


Example BECImageSwap:

Applet Parameter Notes Since version
author REQUIRED - this parameter is provided so that people can see where the applet is from (allowing us to provide it for free), it must be set to:
B.E.C. Image Swap written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk
num_images REQUIRED - the number of images in the list all
bg_colour OPTIONAL - sets the background colour (in RRGGBB hex value) all
scale_image OPTIONAL - set to true or false, to determine if the image should occupy the entire applet area (default is false) all
image0 to imagex REQUIRED - the images to swap between (image0..imagex) - this should be the relative URL to the images you wish to display all
Example HTML code:
<applet width="150" height="100" code="BECImageSwap.class" align="center">
<param name="author" value="B.E.C. Image Swap written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk">
<param name="bg_colour" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="image0" value="image0.gif">
<param name="image1" value="image1.gif">
<param name="image2" value="image2.gif">
<param name="image3" value="image3.gif">
<param name="num_images" value="4">
<param name="scale_image" value="false">



B.E.C. Image Swap Version History  

Version 1.0

  • Original release


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