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BEC Snow
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Version history
B.E.C. Snow is a simple festive applet for creating snow falling on an image (as shown here).

Features within B.E.C. Snow are:

  • snow drift that follows the mouse: as you move the mouse across the applet, the snow will follow in the same direction
  • snow size: you can allow the user to dynamically change the size of the snow flakes - left click to make them bigger, and right click to shrink them again
  • settling snow: you can specify that the snow should fall and build up from the bottom, deciding how far up the image the snow falls before being reset
  • customise the number of snow flakes that will fall
  • snow speed: customise how fast the snow will fall

Standard Applet parameters are used to customise the appearance and behaviour of the applet.  An example is shown below, along with the HTML code that is used to generate that example.

Refer to your standard HTML literature of web sites for more information on applets.


Example BECSnow:

Applet Parameter Notes Since version
author REQUIRED - this parameter is provided so that people can see where the applet is from (allowing us to provide it for free), it must be set to:
B.E.C. Snow written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk
image OPTIONAL - file name of the image to include as background behind the snow - relative to the HTML page with the applet in it all
num_flakes OPTIONAL - the number of snow flakes to show (max 1000, default 200) all
flake_size OPTIONAL - initial size of the slow flakes, from 1 to 10 (default is 1) all
flake_resize OPTIONAL - set to true or false, to determine if the mouse buttons can be used to resize snow flakes (default is false) - left button to increase the size, right button to decrease the size all
wind_type OPTIONAL - set to random or mouse to make the snow move to the wind randomly, or follow the mouse (default is mouse) all
lay_height OPTIONAL - number of pixels to allow the snow to lay at the bottom, before resetting the image - if this parameter is not set or is set to a higher value than the height of the applet, then the snow will not lay all
snow_speed OPTIONAL - the speed for the snow to fall (default is 100, min is 10, max is 1000) - the smaller the value, the quicker the snow will fall (and the more processor intensive it will be) all
Example HTML code:
<applet width="250" height="150" code="BECSnow.class" align="center">
<param name="author" value="B.E.C. Snow written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk">
<param name="snow_speed" value="70">
<param name="flake_resize" value="true">
<param name="flake_size" value="3">
<param name="image" value="snowbg.jpg">


B.E.C. Snow Version History


Version 1.0

  • Original release


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