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Version history
B.E.C. Scroller is a self contained Java Applet, which allows text and now images to be scrolled up the screen, and can be embedded within any web page.

It supports a number of configurable options such as font colour, speed, text messages etc.  It even supports background images (behind the scrolling text), including transparent GIF's, and has the ability to hyperlink to any page, when the scrolling text or image is clicked (with different hyperlinks for each).

You can even provide padding settings, to restrict the area that the text or image can scroll within - this is ideal for creating effects like the one shown below.

Image scrolling - to use the scroller with images, simply use the special tag:

img src=<filename>

as the line of text to scroll (in the msgx parameters - see below), substituting the <filename> for the path to the image file, relative to the HTML page that the applet is running from (not relative to the BECScroller.class file).  This special tag is used to locate the image file.  If the image cannot be loaded for some reason (such as it does not exist), then the text line is scrolled instead, showing the img src= line.  This is useful for seeing straight away, whether or not there is a problem with you applet parameters.

Standard Applet parameters are used to customise the appearance and behaviour of the applet.  An example is shown below, along with the HTML code that is used to generate that example.

Refer to your standard HTML literature of web sites for more information on applets.


Example Scroller:

Applet Parameter Notes Since version
author REQUIRED - this parameter is provided so that people can see where the applet is from (allowing us to provide it for free), it must be set to:
B.E.C. Scroller written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk
msg0 to msgx REQUIRED - the actual lines of text to scroll (msg0..msgx)
NOTE: to scroll an image instead of text, use the syntax:
img src=filename
where filename is the path to the image you wish to scroll.

img src added with v1.3

url0 to urlx OPTIONAL - the URL's to hyperlink to, corresponding with scroll's (url0..urlx) all
target0 to targetx OPTIONAL - the target frame (if used) for the hyperlinked page to jump to (target0..targetx) - use standard HTML frame targets all
numlines REQUIRED - the number of lines of text that will be provided to scroll through (e.g. if you have specified msg0, msg1 and msg2, then numlines should be set to 3) all
scrollspeed OPTIONAL - the number of ms to wait between each move of the text - will default to 50ms if none specified (the higher the number, the slower the text will scroll) all
smoothness OPTIONAL - the number of pixels to move the text with each scroll all
waitattop OPTIONAL - the number of ms for the text to stay at the top of the scroll, before the next scroll begins (ignored if the scrollofftop is true) all
scrollofftop OPTIONAL - true or false - defines if the text should scroll right off the top of the applet window or not all
scrollunderbottom OPTIONAL - true or false - determines if the text should begin scrolling from the bottom of the applet, or from under the applet all
bg OPTIONAL - sets the background colour (in RRGGBB hex value) all
fg OPTIONAL - sets the foreground (text) colour (in RRGGBB hex value) all
hover OPTIONAL - sets the colour of text when mouse hovers (in RRGGBB hex value) all
font OPTIONAL - the font that the scrolling text should be (note that this font will need to be available on the device viewing the applet, or a default system font will be used) all
fontsize OPTIONAL - the size of the scrolling text font all
image OPTIONAL - an image to include as the background to the applet (transparent GIF's are supported) all
toppad OPTIONAL - number of pixels to indent the scrolling text from the top 1.1
leftpad OPTIONAL - number of pixels to indent the scrolling text from the left 1.1
bottompad OPTIONAL - number of pixels to indent the scrolling text from the bottom 1.1
rightpad OPTIONAL - number of pixels to indent the scrolling text from the right 1.1
mousearea OPTIONAL - specify the area that causes the text to stop scrolling (set to all (the default), pad or none) 1.2
Example HTML code for above scroller:
<applet width="224" height="256" code="BECScroller.class" align="center">
<param name="author" value="B.E.C. Scroller written by B.E.C. Networks Limited - http://www.becnetworks.co.uk">
<param name="numlines" value="6">
<param name="bg" value="000000">
<param name="fg" value="ffffff">
<param name="fontsize" value="12">
<param name="hover" value="e78410">
<param name="image" value="scrolltv.gif">
<param name="msg0" value="Hover over this scroller to see the text stop scrolling, and the colour of the text change">
<param name="msg1" value="Note that we are using padding to get the text to scroll within a predefined area of the image">
<param name="msg2" value="Click this scroller now to go to the download page">
<param name="msg3" value="Click the scroller now to go to the B.E.C. Home page, and see how the scroller has been implemented there">
<param name="msg4" value="This line of text scrolling now, has got no hyperlink associated with it, so clicking will not go to a different page (text still stops scrolling)">
<param name="msg5" value="img src=bec_scroll2.jpg">
<param name="rightpad" value="92">
<param name="bottompad" value="54">
<param name="leftpad" value="52">
<param name="toppad" value="140">
<param name="scrollofftop" value="true">
<param name="scrollspeed" value="50">
<param name="scrollunderbottom" value="true">
<param name="smoothness" value="1">
<param name="target2" value="_self">
<param name="target3" value="_self">
<param name="url2" value="../../download.htm">
<param name="url3" value="../../index.html">
<param name="mousearea" value="pad">


B.E.C. Scoller Version History

Version 1.3
  • added the ability to allow scrollable images

Version 1.2
  • mouse cursor will change to the defined linked cursor (e.g. a hand) if the mouse is moved into the defined text area, and there is a hyperlink associated with that text message
  • can define what area is sensitive to the mouse to stop scrolling and click to hyperlink (the entire applet area, the padded area, or none)

Version 1.1
  • inclusion of padding parameters, to restrict the area in which the text scrolls

Version 1.0

  • Original release


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